Israel Only View Debunked

by Brad Baker

May 22/2022

Israel Only View:

 This view believes that everything in the Bible only pertained to ancient Israel and not a word of it applies to anyone else ever and never will. They say that they are the only one with a consistent Full Preterist view while most Full Preterist read themselves into the first century timeframe. The Israel Only View boils down to Atheism except for those who belief in their energy god that they can buy in a can like Red Bull and drink but all they have to offer is what comes out the back end. According to this view everything just ended in AD70 and leads many of their followers into the Abyss of atheism. In order for their view to stand they twist the meanings of words to mean something else. For a few examples Adam was Israel, the Earth was just the nation of Israel, the Gentiles were only the ten lost tribes of Israel and has nothing to do with the other 70 nations from Noah that were required to attend the Feast of Tabernacles according to:

 The Nations Worship the King

Zechariah 14: 16 And it shall come to pass that everyone who is left of all the nations which came against Jerusalem shall go up from year to year to worship the King, the Lord of hosts, and to keep the Feast of Tabernacles. 17 And it shall be that whichever of the families of the earth do not come up to Jerusalem to worship the King, the Lord of hosts, on them there will be no rain. 18 If the family of Egypt will not come up and enter in, they shall have no rain; they shall receive the plague with which the Lord strikes the nations who do not come up to keep the Feast of Tabernacles. 19 This shall be the punishment of Egypt and the punishment of all the nations that do not come up to keep the Feast of Tabernacles.

All you have to do is read the Book of Jonah and see how God viewed other nations as well as Egypt here:

Isaiah 19:19In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to the Lord at its border. 20And it will be for a sign and for a witness to the Lord of hosts in the land of Egypt; for they will cry to the Lord because of the oppressors, and He will send them a Savior and a Mighty One, and He will deliver them. 21Then the Lord will be known to Egypt, and the Egyptians will know the Lord in that day, and will make sacrifice and offering; yes, they will make a vow to the Lord and perform it.

Jonah 1:14 Therefore they cried out to the Lord and said, “We pray, O Lord, please do not let us perish for this man’s life, and do not charge us with innocent blood; for You, O Lord, have done as it pleased You.” 15 So they picked up Jonah and threw him into the sea, and the sea ceased from its raging. 16 Then the men feared the Lord exceedingly, and offered a sacrifice to the Lord and took vows.

Jonah 3:4 And Jonah began to enter the city on the first day’s walk. Then he cried out and said, “Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown!”

5 So the people of Nineveh believed God, proclaimed a fast, and put on sackcloth, from the greatest to the least of them. 6 Then word came to the king of Nineveh; and he arose from his throne and laid aside his robe, covered himself with sackcloth and sat in ashes. 7 And he caused it to be proclaimed and published throughout Nineveh by the decree of the king and his nobles, saying,

Let neither man nor beast, herd nor flock, taste anything; do not let them eat, or drink water. 8 But let man and beast be covered with sackcloth, and cry mightily to God; yes, let every one turn from his evil way and from the violence that is in his hands. 9 Who can tell if God will turn and relent, and turn away from His fierce anger, so that we may not perish?

10 Then God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; and God relented from the disaster that He had said He would bring upon them, and He did not do it.

Have you ever wondered why Jesus called Simon Peter, Simon Bar-Jonah. Was because after Jesus was sent to save the nation of Israel that Peter would be sent to save other nation where the Gentiles who were not of Israel through the preaching of the Gospel before the end of the Age. Then the Good news of the Everlasting Gospel was to be preached after AD70 after Christ made all of mankind alive. After the Temple was thrown down it opened God’s presence up to everyone like it was back before Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden.

Matthew 16:16 Simon Peter answered and said, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

17 Jesus answered and said to him, “Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father who is in heaven. 18 And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. 19 And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

The first century Church became the Bride of Christ and we are their Offspring and children of God and children of the Resurrection that Jesus said we would be in:

Luke 20:35But those who are counted worthy to attain that age, and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry nor are given in marriage; 36nor can they die anymore, for they are equal to the angels and are sons of God, being sons of the resurrection. 

Some will be wondering about marriage and say people still get married today. No one that I know of or seen of has a Biblical marriage from the Old Covenant which is what Jesus was talking about. What we have today is a 50-50 cohabitation agreement where the women have equal rights. Back in the old Age a man could divorce his wife and have more than one wife. The woman was not allowed to have more than one husband, she was her husbands slave and the man owned everything including the children. The man had responsibilities to provide for food and clothing and the woman did not some marriage rights. Exodus 21:1-11 covers a bit of what marriage was. Genesis 34 has a story of where marriage is first mentioned in the Bible though we know Adam and Eve became one as husband and wife but the word marriage does not appear. Jesus did say that originally a man was to have just one wife and that has become a standard rule for all time.

Published by Brad Baker

What this website is about is a final conclusion of the process of figuring out what the aftermath would be in consideration of all scripture being fulfilled in AD70 when Jesus said it would be according to what He said in:
 Luke 21: 20 “But when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, then know that its desolation is near. 21 Then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains, let those who are in the midst of her depart, and let not those who are in the country enter her. 22 For these are the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled. I have had an interest in typology going back to 1980 when I was into the Latter Rain Movement which became known as the Charismatic Movement after it went out into many denominations. So much of this website goes into details of what the antitypes would be that the scriptures foreshadowed in their Spiritual realities that would be fulfilled by Jesus Christ. I find if a person can begin to understand the Seven Feasts of the Lord in Leviticus 23 that will open your Spiritual mind for a much more accurate interpretation to what the truth actually is. I may not be right in all things but what I have found is absolutely amazing and the more it lines up with other scriptures gives what I have found more credit. 
 This website will reveal how the Manifested Sons of God began with the Latter Rain Movement of 1948 but it will more so take it to where it actually how place in AD70 after the destruction of the Temple which Jesus said would be a sign of the end of the Age. The Age that was to come was what Jesus called the Children of the Resurrection in Luke 20:36, John referred to it as the Offspring of the Woman in Revelation 12:17 and Paul referred to it as the Manifestation of the Sons of God in Romans 8:19. The Age that was to come was to be a Glorious Creation that Isaiah mentioned in chapters 65 & 66 as the New Heaven & Earth. Paul mentioned that all of the creation waited in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. And that they would be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God and it is seen in: Roman 8:18-15 This website will take you back in time and show how all things fulfilled from the Age of Corruption of Adam’s sin and death that ended in AD70 with it being cast into the Lake of Fire. Then into how All Things were Made New through the laws that Jesus fulfilled as seen through typologies from the Old Testament and specially through God’s Plan of Redemption as shown in the Seven Feasts of the Lord in Leviticus 23.

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